Carpet Cleaning
All carpets whether large or small areas are cleaned to the same high standard. A pre-mixed spray containing detergents, de-greasers and deodorisers is lightly sprayed all over the carpeted area and this is left briefly to dwell and start to break down the bacteria and soils. The carpet is then flushed out using a system often referred to as "hot water extraction" or "steam cleaning". Basically there is a jet at the back of the cleaning wand that sprays out cleaning solution and then this is sucked up by a powerful vacuum at the front of the cleaning wand. This leaves the carpet clean and relatively dry as most of the moisture is sucked back through the machine.

If there are any stains or marks that are still present after this process we will work on each stain or mark individually and can successfully remove them in most cases. The carpet will still be damp to the touch but can be walked on with clean footwear straight away. We always advise that all carpets cleaned will be completely dry by the next morning. Any stains or marks are treated separately and then the whole carpet is cleaned thoroughly. We have lots of existing carpet cleaning customers in Skegness and all around Lincolnshire.

Upholstery Cleaning
The process of upholstery cleaning is completely dependent on the type of fabric or material it is made of. The most common item cleaned is settees, either leather or fabric. If you contact LincsClean directly we will happily explain the process and give you a price which is relevant to your particular settee or other upholstery. Settee cleaning prices start from £15 per seat.

Hard Floor Cleaning
LincsClean offer various hard floor services including cleaning, stripping and resealing depending on the type of floor. In some cases a customer requires us to simply clean their hard floor but depending on the type of surface a stripper may have to be applied first and a re-sealer at the end of the job. We can clean all tiled and stone floors, all commercial kitchen & non-slip surfaces, Karndean flooring and many others. In the case of hard floor cleaning it is probably best to contact us for advice or we can arrange a free of charge visit to inspect and price the flooring work if you live in Skegness or the surrounding area.


  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Settee Cleaning
  • Settee Re-Nourishing
  • Settee Re-finishing
  • Caravan Carpets
  • Caravan Upholstery
  • Stain guarding
  • Odour removal services
  • Flee & dust mite treatments